Recycling Industry Automation Solutions

In a world of growing population and increasing prosperity, the demand for new high-technology products is increasing together with the demand for raw materials. To be able to deal with the demand for new raw materials and the increasing amount of waste, the recycling industry needs to prepare itself to cope with these changes. If the waste can become the new raw materials, then the recycling industry has a bright future. The implementation of new ways to recycle products can be the solution to succeeding in this challenge.

The objective of Ekotek Systems is to find the best solution for automation processes in the recycling industry, from a technical perspective. More specifically, the objective is to identify problems and solutions in the recycling of plastics and large liquid crystal displays in order to better cope with current recycling requirements.

Ekotek Systems’ designs solutions with standardised processes that are arranged in a flexible way to be able to manage with current industrial requirements. Additional results are the semi-automatic process structure to manage with current industrial requirements for large liquid crystal displays.