Plastic & Paper

Automation Solutions for Plastic Processes

As the plastics industry looks to transform plastic packaging materials to make them more reusable and recyclable, an increasing number of plastics manufacturers are considering robotic automation.

Today the plastics sector represents one of the most important market. Thanks to our great experience, we offer automation solutions for plastic process, specific and technic solutions able to manage with high accuracy all the variable of the process for machines with different tonnages and used for different processing methods:

  • Injection Molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Blow molding
  • Extrusion

Automation Solutions for Paper Industry

Ekotek Systems is a leader in industrial automation and drive systems for the pulp and paper industry, providing engineered solutions and full electrical and drive systems to paper manufacturers in Albania

Ekotek Systems pioneered the technologies that drive paper manufacturing forward today, including supplying the first paper machine sectional drive system in Japan, the first brushless drives system in the world, pioneering all digital control systems and fiber optic transmission technology.

Our teams of skilled engineers continue to lead the way through the development of advanced control technology for paper manufacturing that exceeds industry norms for both high reliability and the complete product life-cycle.

Today, pulp and paper manufacturers focus on plant operation efficiency to achieve energy savings and increased safety through automation control and complete coordination of the control system.

Ekotek Systems supplies the solutions that will keep your plant running at peak performance with:

  • Electrics for paper making /finishing/processing equipment for winders, coaters, super calendars, cutters
  • Drive equipment, including large motors for thermal mechanical pulper, chipper
  • Power distribution system, High/Low voltage distribution system
  • High and low voltage motors/energy saving inverter systems
  • Instrumentation and control solutions for “stock preparation” / “color kitchen”
  • Factory Automation (F.A.) control system for finishing process/logistics/warehouse
  • Utility monitoring system
  • Instrumentation and electric control integrated system/Manufacturing control systems.