Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

World energy consumption is projected to increase by 49 percent from 2007 to 2035. That kind of unprecedented demand means you need to maximize uptime, increase recovery from new and existing fields, and consistently drive innovation from new production technologies.

Our integrated solutions for the Oil and Gas industry can be designed and deployed to maximize oil and gas operations.

You need to control and monitor your investment and stocks, that is why one of the best automatic control and management of fuel systems is in our domain to help you save and become more efficient.



Addressing Customer Challenges through Exceptional Performance and Value

The oil and gas industry landscape is constantly shifting, and to succeed companies must have the flexibility to address myriad issues, including price fluctuations, changes in supply and demand, rising operational and equipment costs, regulatory pressures, and skilled worker shortages. Ekotek Systems, a leader in integrated information, control, power and safety solutions, is committed to helping customers address these concerns through:

  • Innovative technologies and solutions that help increase return on assets.
  • A team of experts to help provide project excellence through the implementation of low total life‐ cycle cost solutions.
  • Sustainable operations solutions to help improve equipment and worker safety, increase asset reliability, and advance environmental stewardship.

Ekotek System solutions for the oil and gas industry range from software, controllers and networks to electrical components, drives and motors. The company also offers solutions for harsh environments that require wide temperature ratings, low‐power consumption, and use in remote locations.

Operations management solutions to access real‐time data and well diagnostics optimizing production and minimizing risk in the digital oilfield:

  • Secure and standards‐based information systems that create collaborative environments where remotely‐located subject matter experts drive real‐time decisions to improve asset uptime.
  • Cloud technologies facilitate workforce collaboration to help increase uptime and reduce operational risk.
  • vMonitor wireless technology delivers innovative monitoring and control solutions for wellhead and upstream application

Integrated control, power and safety solutions provide scalability while exceeding industry requirements, including:

  • Distributed process control that helps reduce loop‐response time and boost productivity.
  • Safety and critical control to help improve both worker and machine safety.
  • Integrated motor control for low and medium voltage systems, designed for excellent reliability with a smaller physical footprint.
  • Compressor and turbine machinery control, including innovative solutions for harsh subsea environments.
  • Condition monitoring and protection solutions to help improve troubleshooting capabilities.

Industry expertise that builds on a successful industry track record for more efficiently automating the petroleum and gas industry, including:

  • Oil and gas industry experts to help customers design, commission, operate and maintain automated facilities for oil and gas production, transport and refining operations.