Industrial Automation

Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

World energy consumption is projected to increase by 49 percent from 2007 to 2035. That kind of unprecedented demand means you need to maximize uptime, increase recovery from new and existing fields, and consistently drive innovation from new production technologies.

Our integrated solutions for the Oil and Gas industry can be designed and deployed to maximize oil and gas operations.

You need to control and monitor your investment and stocks, that is why one of the best automatic control and management of fuel systems is in our domain to help you save and become more efficient.



Mining Industry solutions

Extract more value at every stage of your mining operation. Our smart, safe and sustainable production solutions automate mines and processes to increase throughput and lower operating costs – from your extraction site through your processing plant.

Delivering Dependable, Flexible Control

Integrated Architecture, based on the Smart platforms, supports demanding, continuous, discrete and motion applications, while Intelligent Motor Control devices help protect assets and improve motor performance and energy efficiency.

Smart, Safe, Sustainable Production Solutions

Around the world, we are optimizing mining operations by:

  • Increasing personnel safety with autonomous mining solutions and remote control and monitoring of equipment and processes
  • Increasing mineral yield and minimizing process variability through advanced Model Predictive Control (MPC)
  • Optimizing energy use and reducing mechanical equipment wear and tear
  • Helping to ensure a cleaner, safer environment through continuous monitoring and reporting

To get good results needs hard working, but it is not always enough. Keeping track what you have done in the past in order to find better ways in the future, that is what our solutions offer to the mining industry together with our partners we will tune your chances to get the maximum of your business.



Digital Factory

Every Industrial Production Facility needs to run in the same speed with the competition. That requires high technological level of processing and monitoring also a flexible solution to bring out new products without inventing the wheel. Ekotek Systems will be your support to intelligent and automated systems that will drive the production machines to the maximal utilization and availability.

Bringing the experience from the best brands in the market such as SIEMENS, DELTA, VEGA and other prestigious automation producers we will deliver the best solution and equipment that fits to your needs and budget. Our support will not end at installation since we have a dedicated team that will ensure you remain satisfied in long term.