Residential Automation

Automatic Scenarios

Ekotek Systems started by the idea to build systems that save time and get the maximum from the technology. Entering in Internet of Things era we introduce the entrance solutions for Individuals who want to modernize their homes or apartments, businesses that need to reduce costs in electricity and also facilitate their work, such as Hotels or Event venues.



The main duties we cover are:

  • Lighting Automation
  • HVAC Automation
  • Hotel Rooms Automation
  • Blinds & Shutters Automations

To achieve best results we partner with the mos prestigious producers in the world such as SIEMENS and HDL.

ICT Systems

The backbone of every business, institution or any other facility is the ICT systems. We offer the best price quality systems in the market to achieve the business level and to secure its communications.


We offer knowledge based solutions as below:

  • IP and Analogue telephony systems
  • Network and cabling infrastructure
  • Wireless Solutions

Partnering with global partners such as Grandstream, Netgear, Multitek we can always find the wright solution for you.



Surveillance – Where you need them most

These days, security surveillance systems are necessary to safeguard and monitor your personal and professional investments. Backed with a professional background on security systems and participating in big projects implementation, EKOTEK staff is the best offer in the market.

Our team brings professional experience in ensuring the installation of surveillance systems which are not easily detected, collecting accurate information legally.

EKOTEK Systems brings over 5 years of experience in physical surveillance services that include:

  • Consulting service on evaluating the best choice on quality and price;
  • Designing and evaluating projects based on european normatives and standarts;
  • Implementing and installing all kind of security equipments based on clients’ needs;
  • Provide maintainance services based on SLA ( Service Level Agreements);

Audio Video Systems – A leading System Integrator

EKOTEK is a trusted company with a clear objective on providing audio video systems: Simplify whole house integration and provide the best customer service imaginable.

Adding to our staff of professional engineers and installers, we have created serious partnerships, leaders in the industry, to put together a dedicated lighting control division.


You can feel confident choosing EKOTEK in providing whole home automation and home theater solutions, including lightning control and WiFi networking.

Our team of experts will help you create a system suited to your needs and personal style.