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Intrinsically Safe CPO Flashlight – 3AA eLED® CPO TS

These flashlights combine the best of both worlds:

Lightweight with superior ergonomics, but still long-lasting and excellent in performance!

The build in TRS (Thermal Recovery Technology) partially restores the battery from the heat emitted by the torch.

One of the many features of these intrinsically safe flashlights is Proprietary Compound Path Optics (CPO) which permits high efficiency and compact size. Even though the 3AA and 3C eLED® CPO are the smallest intrinsically safe flashlights of its kind, they are specifically designed for workers wearing even the thickest gloves.

  • Zone 0/20
  • TRS and CPO technology
  • Dust and waterproof (up to 3 m)
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Pressure equalisation system




Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight – Lite-Ex® PL 10e

The Lite-Ex® PL 10e is the result of consistent development of the successful Lite-Ex® PL 30e.

It is ultralight, powerful and suitable for daily use.

Despite its compact dimensions the Lite-Ex® PL 10e is equipped with all of the features of its larger sibling.

It comes with the tried and tested, wear-resistant ring switch and a high performance LED. The sophisticated optics ensures even illumination.

  • Zone 0 / 20 certified
  • Simple to use
  • Ring switch
  • Scratch-resistant: Coated protective disc
  • Rugged polyamide housing
  • Removable belt clip
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Lite-Ex® PL 30e

The 3-watt LED unit is powered by 3x LR14 batteries, providing many hours of use. The anti-static polymer housing of the unit is ergonomically designed to be comfortably and securely held.

The high IP protection rating of IP65 provides protection against the permeation of dust and jet water. This thereby enables use in harsh conditions.Switching on the flashlight could not be easier – simply twist the ‘ring-switch’.

This innovative switch mechanism means that even when wearing gloves the user can easily operate the flashlight and because it is a ‘non-contact’ mechanism the need for repair is reduced – saving time and money.

  • Ex-zones 0/20
  • Ring switch
  • 1x high performance LED (3-watt)
  • 204 lumens
  • Robust housing
  • Pressure control valve
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Intrinsically Safe Pen-Shaped Flashlight – 2AAA Penlight eLED®

The eLED® version of the penlight is characterised by its special light cone, which is produced by means of a specially developed lens system. Unlike other lamps which generate a bright point of light at the centre of the cone and a weaker light around its periphery, the 2AAA projects a large cone with a bright and even distribution of the light.

At a distance of 60 cm, for example, the cone exhibits a diameter of 17 cm. A rubberised switch means the flashlight can also be operated easily when wearing gloves.

The rugged ABS housing is non-conductive, corrosion-resistant, as well as water and dust-proof.

The lamp’s pen shape allows it to be worn like a ballpoint pen.

  • Zone 1/21
  • Dust and water-proof (up to 1 m)
  • 0.5 W power LED
  • Rubberised switch




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Lite-Ex® PL 10e H

The Lite-Ex® PL 10e H is an extremely rugged and very bright LED headlamp that is designed for everyday use in potentially explosive areas classified as Zone 0 and 20 in accordance with Directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX).

The Lite-Ex® PL 10e H is a headlamp which is based on the compact and powerful Lite-Ex® PL 10e flashlight. All of the features exhibited by the flashlight, such as the ring switch, luminosity level, IP protection class and degree of robustness are naturally also present in this version.

To suit the users preference, the Lite-Ex® PL 10e H is available in two different optics in the scattering angles 6° or 25°.

The Lite-Ex® PL 10e H fits comfortably on a helmet and can be adjusted to the desired angle to ensure optimum illumination of the working area.

The innovative rubber band sits securely on a helmet and its texture prevents it from slipping, even when wet.

  • Zone 0/20
  • High performance LED
  • 2 different optics (6° or 25°)
  • Diaphragm valve for pressure compensation
  • Ring switch
  • Scratch-resistant thanks to the coated protective disc
  • Rugged polyamide housing
  • Durable headband
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