Agricultural Automation

Agricultural automation and Food Processing needs the best technology solutions to secure production, management and implementation. An integration of equipment, infotronics, and precision technologies delivers fast systems for the food, fiber, feed, and fuel needs now and into the future.

Food and Beverages Processing Automation 

Consumers want more choices. At the same time, regulations have gotten tighter and operations have become more complex and expensive. Only through flexible manufacturing and greater asset utilization can you meet this ever-evolving demand and maximize your return of investment. The key to sustaining performance is your ability to manage your number and mix of products, while prioritizing food safety and security to protect your brand image and value in the market.

From the receipt of raw materials and ingredient processing to food manufacturing, packaging and finishing, EKOTEK Automation provides complete automated manufacturing solutions, including power, process, information, and service and support, to help you operate safe, efficient plants that deliver consistent high-quality products.

This holistic, fully integrated approach to food production ensures that you can achieve greater efficiencies and lower life-cycle costs to deliver a diverse mix of consistently high-quality, safely produced foods at the lowest cost.



Green-House Automation

Our focus for Greenhouse automation lies in the optimization of environmental conditions for better plant growth. This includes regulating temperature and ventilation, as well as control of irrigation, air flow, artificial light, shading, and protection from external weather conditions. Our solutions and equipment form a modular system that covers every relevant aspect of greenhouse automation, offering a precise control of greenhouse micro-climate. Irrigation and fertilization parameters can also be adjusted for optimum results.

The climate nowadays has become unpredictable and prone to fast changes in temperature and other atmospheric factors. EKOTEK offers a solution of not relying on distant measurement predictions, but being ready to face the change. Agricultural products might be very profitable given the suitable environment to flourish, but on the other hand require attention and accuracy in each step of production.

We can provide a proactive approach to start with small scale projects and developing to larger automation implementation.